Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Talent North of the 49th!

Jeff, at Bridge City Tatting, is a fellow Canuck, who has started up a chainmaille business on Etsy.... I love earrings and have gotten rid of practically all of mine in my ongoing attempt to simplify.

When I saw what Jeff was up to, and having a moment of consumeritis, I succumbed:


I love them!

And, BONUS, they are made by a CANADIAN TATTER!
Thanks, Jeff, I will enjoy wearing these!

One other thing:

I was reading a book I had not looked at for a while, ( "Oh My Stars!" by Kaye B. Judt) when I saw a small motif that looked as if it could be done with some remaining thread on two shuttles - even though they were of different colours and weights.

Just goofing around, I tatted this:

It is difficult getting the tension right with the beads, but if I continue to do these little motifs, I think it will become easier. This is a bit lumpy and uneven, but overall, I am pleased with the beading progress.

There are lots of techniques in this book and I think I had put it away because the skills were a bit ahead of where I was at the time. Perhaps it is now time to dust it off and tat with it for a bit.

Enough for today. It only rained once. It was a good day!



  1. Hi Fox,
    I too like what Jeff is doing with Chainmaile. I have ordered a set of earings and matching cross pendant from him. Just waiting for them to be delivered.
    You are doing very well with your tatting and beads.

  2. Wow! Those are really COOL earrings! There is a lot of talent in Canada, that's for sure!

    That is a pretty motif also! I like the double chains of beads coming off of the center ring. It's AWESOME that you are tatting from a book that in the not to distant past seemed beyond you!

    And "Hurray for Fox!" for climbing out of the round in your last post - I bet that will open up more tatting opportunities that you would have taken a pass on before!


  3. I also placed an order with Jeff! His work is awesome!

    I love what you've done with Kaye's motif... that's one of my favorite books!

  4. Oh good grief, I missed a few of your posts and you've been up to all sorts of thiings! Love the motifs and the earrings!

  5. Stopping bye to say thank you for entering my giveaway. Good luck to you in the drawing.