Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Boss Has A Brother

He needs a hat, too. The Boss said so.
(She loved hers. In the sweltering heat, she would not take it off!)

Desperate Tatter
posted a beautiful pair of baby bootees that she will be giving to a little boy, reasoning that the "boy" in bootee is all in the thread used.

So, I figured I could add a bit of tatting to my infant grandbaby's hat that his parents would find acceptably not girlish.

I began looking for a star pattern, which I felt would be perfect on the blue hat I had made on the weekend, that I had trimmed in yellow. I found one here:

In this pattern, each point motif is a cut and tie operation. Hmm. I am getting to be like a REAL tatter, looking for ways to do the pattern in one go!

I came up with this: all split rings and five SCMR's!! Wow! I cannot believe I did that!

SR's and SCMR's


The Final Result!


Now - back to that
neglected hanky border.....



  1. That is a cute hat for the boss's brother! Your star and edging are nice, too! :)

  2. wow, fox, Way to go, very good. I do the same, I hate ends and cut and tie just doesn't work for me so I am always looking for ways to use the newer techniques to avoid hiding ends. The hat looks very good and I am sure it will be an heirloom for his children as well.

  3. I am VERY impressed!!! I have been looking at some vintage patterns which need simplification and have NO IDEA how to change them up. How wonderful to have reached that point and they REALLY do look the same!

    Even more importantly, the young Miss looks LOVELY in her new hat which MATCHES her pretty dress! Did you make that also? AND the little man's hat is VERY cute and suitably boyish. Both he and his sister should be pleased - it sounds like she will "help" him keep it on. :)


  4. Those hats are absolutely adorable! Did you make your granddaughters dress too? It is very very cute!

  5. The hat is absolutely adorable! Love the bright yellow star. I also think that the way you store your hanky edging project is really cute. Is that an altoid tin?

  6. Cute hats! Aren't grandkids the best? They seem to adore every little thing we do for them!

    I feel the poor, neglected hanky edging's pain. Would you like the edging I started two years ago to keep it company? It's really beautiful! ; )

  7. What a cute picture of the boss and her hat. And what a clever way doing the one for her brother.

  8. Thank you , TattinChic. The Boss's brother is probably going to have a lot of hats with that star! I liked making it!

    Ladytats. Thanks! Yup, ends are yucky!

    Ann, LOL!! You have her pegged, all right! She certainly will! Thanks for your wonderful comments : ))

    Enlightened By Angels, Thanks! I sure did - last year. It was a dress; now a tunic!

    Paula, AN Altoid tin it is! You are very observant! : ))

    Diane, LOL! I am determined to finish it. It is NOT going to go in a drawer, mainly because I do not have a drawer for it! (Almost 1/2 way done!

    Krystle, You are so cute! "Manly" is more than I hoped for! I just cannot imagine that sweet little cherub with....whiskers! Thanks for the comments. I feel more secure in taking this gift over to his parents on Sunday!!!

    Thanks Susanne! If The Boss really likes the star, you KNOW that one will have to be produced for her.... in PINK!

  9. Just two weeks past your first tativersary and you are bending patterns to your will. Nicely done!

  10. Don't mess with the boss!

  11. Suzanne : )) Can you believe it!!!

    Shutter, I would not DARE do that!