Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lopsided and Ungainly....

Yup - take a look. This is what I have managed to tat after that gruelling marathon of tatting school! I cannot believe it. Goes to show you that you never can count on improvement on demand. Maybe it will show up in the next attempt.

Look at that complete lack of symmetry. I am going for a walk. I feel like Rocky.... before the big run up the stairs......


  1. I think it looks great for a class project making clunies. I tried a class on those and mine definitely did not look that good.

  2. LOL Oh Fox, I do love you! Isn't it odd how sometimes we produce masterpieces and other times the tatting has a mind of it's own?
    I know this probably 'bummed' you out; but really, thanks for sharing because it will lift others spirits who go through the same thing.
    Moi, for instance! hugs, Bev

  3. Hmmm... it just looks like it needs a little blocking to me. If that doesn't work, what about layering it to make a floral motif?

  4. Just press it with a damp press cloth between the lace and the iron and it should be fine. The color is very pretty!

  5. Well, the motif as a whole may lack symmetry (see if blocking will help!), but give yourself a pat on the back for the clunies. A few of them have rough edges, but most have a good shape. The clunies in the middle all look good, so I wonder if some hand fatigue set in later. When I first started doing clunies, they didn't start out all that great, and often got worse instead of better during any single session.

  6. Clunies! - one year of tatting and you have done clunies! - brilliant, and I love the thread too.

  7. Hi JB, Thanks! You give the class and I'll attend!!!

    Bev - hello! Yah, well - you know I have been practicing these FOREVER! I am blaming it all on YOUR thread!!! Great to hear from you!
    XXOO :D

    Diane, I did everything except drive a ten ton truck over them with no luck! Sigh....Thanks!

    TattingChic, Never tried an iron - I am allergic to those - but I did block it within an inch of its life! Thanks! I love the colour as well.... : )

    Martha, Thanks for your comments. I was aware that the middle tallies were so much better - and seemed easier than the others... I did them at a different time than the outer tallies, and was not aware of fatigue - but this is definitely something to think about when tatting. Blocking? See comments above - a lot was done! : )

    Maureen, A year, a month, .... it matters not! Clunies are my favourite thing about tatting! I will struggle till I get them to look as as good as Elisa's!

  8. However it looks, you are one better than me. I am not sure about tatting clunies, don't have the confidence for that yet, :-( I tried to follow the online tatting class when they had a lesson on clunies but I did not get far with it.

  9. Hi Julia, Thanks for the support, but I am not too sure that I agree with youuuuuuu. :D

  10. I tried to comment yesterday but it went off into cyberspace!!! I think you've done VERY well with this. All it needs is a little 'arranging' and pinning and pressing. It's lovely.

  11. What's wrong with it!
    I can't see anything wrong with any tatting!
    Your clunies are good,
    nice simple design,

    beautiful colors,
    What more do you want!
    Perfectionists as we all are when we see our tatting but it does look lovely!

  12. I won't comment one way or another on the motif ('cuz I know you can do better), but will say that I have had an epiphany of sorts regarding the variable quality of the work at the point we are at in our journey. One really does have to approach it in a relaxed manner and with full confidence, or everything goes south right quick. Much easier said than done!

  13. Vinnie, I love your cheery optimism! It arrived at a perfect moment in my day! Thank you! : )

    Suzanne, I love it that I can always count on your ceaseless candor! It is so refreshing and you are so right - again! I will try to remember this when I do battle with the tallies again!
    xxoo : )

  14. I think it is looking really good.
    Wow, you've tatted for 10 months only and now you also know how to do clunies. You've come a very long way in a short time.

  15. Suzanne, Thanks! yes, I have really been working hard....SOMETIMES, it shows! Mostly, well, I keep trying! : ))