Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tatting Elbows Out Crochet

Perhaps, I have been hasty in blaming tatting for the tendons in my elbow - which are ALMOST better, since I discovered this helpful elastic bandage. See that tri-colour, crochet business under the shuttle?

That little item - actually it is a 36'' square blanket - that I have been trying for some time to finish for my grandson - may indeed be another of the culprits behind the painful appendage.

The blankie, (a "mimi" in the bigger brother's four-year-old lingo) requested by my daughter for her second baby, has been in the works for about over a month. I had put off doing it. Why? The T.A.T. course took over my time.

Since I am more than half finished, ( YEAH!) I put it aside and picked up my hook. The kids will be here next week, so I have to finish up.

It is frustrating not being able to post what I am working on. There is one thing; see that little pink string of hearts on the blanket? I was late for work, trying to remember how to get the SSSR to close WITHOUT UNRAVELING!

I was so discouraged. Try as I might I could not understand the directions:
4. Pass the loop OVER the SSSR and the shuttle.

I am experienced in many areas. I have been fortunate to reach the age at which I find myself. I am educated. I am capable. Why then could I not figure out these simple directions? I ask you; how hard is it to pass a loop over the SSSR and the shuttle???

I felt very sheepish when I finally got my brain around that one! VERY HUMBLING!

Apropos of nothing, I wanted to post this picture of the little tray my mom didn't want - it's decades old and just the right size for my current tatting adventure!

Cute eh?



  1. Oh, not to worry! I think I did about five rings where the ring just unravelled because I missed that step too, LOL!

    Love the new siggy! :)

  2. You may not be able to post pictures of your tatting right now because of the ultra secret society you have pledged to, but I bet you are learning tat stuff that will knock our socks off! Still there's a lot to like - your grandson's blanket, your little tray and all the stuff on it - the elbow bandage is the one clunker. Glad it helps, sorry you need it.

    I also like your green dotted background. It looks nice! I have always liked my gold until this week when the temps here are in the triple digits and it is SO dry! Gold just ain't doing it for me - maybe there is a nice blue...

  3. Oh! that was one hard thing to figure out!
    only to feel so dumb when I did get it right!!
    I must have had a hundred tries before I got that!
    I'm so much into crochet these days, nice to see that crochet blanket.

  4. TattingChic, Glad to see I am not alone!

    Thanks - you know, imitation is the highest form of flattery! Fox : )

    Vinnie, Hi there, and thanks for the visit! The blanket is almost done. It is so hot here and it is stifling to work on it. I'll post the pic when done, knowing there a few who like crocheted pieces. This one is dead easy - but the design works for a child. Fox : )

    Ann, Thanks for mentioning the green background. I am still undecided.

    I sympathize about the heat you are experiencing. It is 30 degrees here tonight, and that is hot enough for me! Any more and I am absolutely useless. Hope you get rain soon. : )

  5. Hi Fox, I was wondering where on your elbow does it hurt? On the outside, tip or inside? I have problems with elbow tendonitis. It wasn't brought on by tatting, I lift heavy boxes and trays at work and stresses my tendons, especially on my right elbow. I went through cortisone shots and finally the doctor said he wanted to get in there and repair the micro tears. Boy was he surprised when he got in there, the tendons were torn off the elbow and hanging by threads. So he had to re-attach the tendons. I couldn't tat for so long. That was a couple years ago. If I tat for too long at one time, it bothers my right elbow. I wear one of those supports too and thagt helps. Now my left elbow is bothering me, so I am being very careful with it now.

    Good luck with your tendonitis. Do lots of stretching and ice helps the soreness too.

    Take care,


  6. Carol, Yikes - I don't ever want to have that problem! I am taking care of this elbow...seems a lot better since I read your comments, especially! : )

  7. J'espère que vous allez mieux et que vous pouvez à nouveau faire de la frivolité!! Votre plateau est mignon!! A bientot Charlette

  8. Merci, Charlette ! Je serai bien mieux quand je peux cesser de faire du crochet - ai presque fini la couverture pour mon petit fils ! Merci pour la visite ! : ) Fox

  9. Don't worry for your tendons, they'll get better soon.

    I hope you'll be back at work soon.