Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tats of Woe

This is all I can show you - one, sorry-looking, little, piece of tatting - a remnant of one of the exercises that got discarded, left on the floor and covered with cat hair. It had been lost for quite a few days.

That is the good news.

Just before I found the little critter, my computer lost all sound - right in the middle of a rip-roaring mystery that I have been listening to, as I break my elbow, toiling away at the grandbaby's 'mimi'.

Seven hours of grief ensued as I frantically tried to resore the sound. At last, the great support technicians at Sony were able to help me at about 11:30 p.m. last night and the laptop is up and running! Thank goodness! I felt as though I had lost another appendage!

But, alas, I have not finished the tale. As I was in the midst of trying to sort out the audio dilemma, I had lunch with my son. While showing him a photo on my camera's LCD, the toggle switch stopped working. The camera was suddenly disabled and the mechanisms frozen. Just like that!

Unfortunately, the expense was prohibitive to fix a super camera to which I have become very attached, over the past three years, but I have had to replace it with one that is adequate enough, but inferior in quality, for sure.

End of tale of woe. Hope you enjoy my meager offering today.

I am going now, to finish 'mimi'.



  1. Oh Fox! I just WISH I had sorry little pieces of tatting like THAT laying about MY house, furry or otherwise!!!

    I'm sorry about your camera though, I know you really liked it. I'm sure you will make this new, "adequate" camera sing. You have such a great eye! And, I assume your other eye is pretty fine as well. :)

  2. I feel sorry for what has happened to you. Don't worry, everything can be repaired.

    This is how today went, but tomorrow is a brand new day and something better will happen.

    Your work is truly well done.


  3. Sorry to hear about the camera! Glad to hear you got the 'puter up and running again! Whew! I've had experiences like that before where it seems that everything breaks down at once! It's such a bummer.

  4. Thanks for the commiseration, TattingChic. Why is that - everything falls apart at the same time, as if the universe itself was challenging us? Such a mystery! ; ))

  5. Sorry to hear about your tech woes. It does feel like you've lost an appendage when your computer and camera go on the fritz. Gotta wonder what made industrial age people feel like that, eh?

    Just wanted to compliment you on your "sorry little piece" of tatting. It's lovely! Any chance you could share the pattern? I'd love to give it a go.

  6. Hi Isdihara! Thanks for the visit! You are looking way back in time here!

    All better on the technological and medical front.
    Hope it stays better! : ) Fox

    ps pattern was part of TAT course - highly secret info! (The course is amazing - you might like it!)

  7. Thanks for the clue as to where I can find the pattern for the "sorry little piece" of tatting. *laughs* I currently have the Apprentice - Phase I guidebook and do want to continue through all the phases. Actually, I have you to thank for me blowing off the thick layer of dust and starting the projects! I got it in 2005 and then sat it aside, where it remained forgotten until recently.

    I look forward to "finding" the pattern one day soon as I progress through the T.A.T. proficiency program.

  8. Isdihara, YES!!!! Good for you! I am so happy if I have been a part of that dust-blowing! It is a terrific course - both of them are. I was so fed up at the end of two, but now that it is over and I feel I have learned so much, do you think I can walk away from #3??

    I will support your finishing #1 - just write anytime you want to ask about it or just complain - or even crow! Boasting about an accomplishment in this course is always a good thing! Good Luck! Fox : )