Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Queen of Sulk - Another Type A -

Today was rainy and bleak. And I had a gift for a colleague at work that I had to finish. She is pregnant and imminently expecting. A boy. I cannot tat for a baby boy. Boo Hoo. So I had to make these with a crochet hook. It took some hours.

To reward myself, I then played around with some wound thr
ead and practiced clunies.... That is always a reliable pick-me-up.

What is is about hobbies that are supposed to be fun, entertaining, creative, and relaxing? I seem to get stressed out as I tend to set goals for myself, and if I do not accomplish what I intend, I become anxious - typical Type A Idiocy!

The T.A.T, course is a perfect example. There is no time limit, yet I am barreling along at break-shuttle speed. Why? There is no logical explanation. I just want to get through it.

I am learning lots - but I wish I could be relaxed, not fretting about all the other things I could be tatting - like impossibly complicated doilies or earrings loaded with beads in places I would not know how to get them!

Perhaps it is all about time perception - thinking there is not enough time and yet, of course, there is. It is about prioritizing and perfectionism and wanting to learn at a greater rate than I am able. I am downright greedy for improvement!


  1. The booties are adorable. Funny, I've spent the day working on a baby present for our preggers colleague too!

  2. Those booties are very cute. I'm sure your colleage will love them. I almost consider crochet "instant gratification" compared to tatting, LOL! It goes so much faster!

  3. Julia - You too? I'm curious!

    TattingChic, You are so right! It is easier and faster - but ever so tedious. (I have TOTALLY crossed over to the dark side - and I'm NOT going back! LOL!) Fox : )

  4. The shoes are wonderful!

    Tatting takes a lot of patience and sometimes results aren't as good as expected... at least for me :-)

    Let's keep on doing it!


  5. Yes, I think you are Type A, but I love that you are so driven. You help keep me inspired! I'm definitely not Type A... I've had my T.A.T. program for two years, and I've only finished the first lesson!

    The booties are adorable! I have dozens of patterns, yet I don't think I've crocheted booties for any of my grandchildren... bad grandma! Instead, I bind pre-quilted panels that can be used for years, or I crochet edging around flannel for receiving blankets that are much larger than store-bought ones. It is fun to create for babies!

  6. Hi Carla, Now that I have found this thing called 'tatting', I am not about to stop - ever! : ) Yes, we will keep on!doing it!

  7. Hi Diane, I knit (never now)and crochet for the grand babies - except for the blankets - usually crocheted. I never 'do' booties as they are time restricted! These are for a colleague, and not a close one; I thought it appropriate to make these. Good for about 2 months!

  8. You are simply exhibiting the symptoms of true tatting addiction. It can go on for years and then go into remission only to reappear unexpectedly and randomly. Fortunately, you are not alone. We are here to support you and prevent any and all attempted interventions.

    Isn't it fun though????

    I think your earring question is in the next post. The thread you use may have something to do with it. A soft 3 ply thread will fray and fuzz much sooner than a 6 cord thread. I've taken to using a metal split ring or jump ring between the tatted piece and the earring but I don't know if that makes a difference or not. I rarely wear them myself.

  9. Gina, INTERVENTION? Horrors! Yes, it is pur and wonderful fun!

    Tatters left some good advice on the next post which I will try. Thread? I used Lizbeth, so it should have been all right. Thanks for the input. Fox : )

  10. Those are great booties, sure to be loved. I've made some progress on my own offering in the past few days, but not done yet.