Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Procrastination Consternation...

Jane asked what it was about blogging that she liked. I commented on her blog.

Oh - what a good idea to ask about, Jane. The question really made me think.

I love to blog because I had no one to talk to about tatting. If it had not been for the wonderful women I met at eTatters, I would not have continued tatting.

Sharing my work, getting positive feedback and constructive, caring criticism on my progress has been invaluable.

I am able to track and watch see my progress.

The online friendships are wonderful.

I like to talk, too (big surprise!) so, I will continue this a s a blog-cast!

Thanks for the inspiration! Fox : )

Then I thought about this some more. Then I realized Jane had NOT asked what OTHERS liked about blogging. She was asking herself and writing about it. I actually thought she had asked what others thought about this.

This reaction got me to thinking about how I listen to what ANYON
E says to me. Am I that self absorbed that I only hear the issues in terms of myself? Good grief - I might be a narcissistic, self-centered tatter!

Thing is, Jane's question IS a good one. Why DO people like to keep a blog? Why do YOU blog? What are the benefits and the drawbacks?

I know that this post and the little black earrings have eat
en up the time I had promised I would attend to TAT tatting. I have definitely procrastinated. I have to think about all this some more...


  1. I've read Jane's blog, then I read yours. Is it means that in your blog I have to comment about why I love to blog? LOL

    That's ok, Jane's blog, though she's not directly ask others why they like to blog, I think she's always happy to hear about it. ^_^

    And why I like blogging? Friendship in tatting is so beautiful and inspiring isn't it. And for sure, blogging is a nice way to know each other and I think I also have a little need to actualized my self...

  2. Giggle! I think the same way! No, you are not self absorbed, just human! Thank goodness! I meet enough phonies in real life. It's wonderful to get to know some down-to-earth tatters online!

    P.S. - I think I blog for the same reasons you do!

  3. Ha! If you've read my last 20 post you'll know why I blog...I keep thanking my blog friends in every post! I never thought in a jillion years I'd have a following of any sort. I STARTED the blog just to share with others who would UNDERSTAND. Little did I know that people who don't tat would care, too, but they do! That keeps me blogging as much as the friends online who do tat and understand. :)

  4. Thanks for asking why we blog, Fox. It really got me thinking.

    I started blogging because I had ended a creative writing job I really enjoyed and needed something to fill the writing void. Plus, I was a brand new mommy and my whole life had changed. I had a new focus, a new son, and not a lot of opportunity to ponder, panic, ruminate or brag. Ha, ha!

    Long story short, I started blogging to write for me -- my own need to write.

    It didn't take long, however, before I was bitten by the comment bug. Sadly, I have not had flocks of followers like some other "mommy" bloggers I read regularly. But I am delighted to find tatters out there who wish to follow my lacing progress and seem to like the Tatting Tea Tuesday idea.

    I LOVE catching up on all the tatting blogs I can find. And I usually stay up WAY too late a night to read them and look at the photos of beautiful tatting.

  5. I started my blog because I felt stifled after my Mom died. We lived in different areas but talked almost daily. Part of our talk was about what she was making and what I was working on. When she died I had no one to share ideas with. My "real life" friends are wonderful, but not into sewing and tatting? WHAT is THAT! Anyway, blogging has helped. Just posting alone helps, and comments are fun. Blogland has renewed my enthusiasm for my hobbies.

  6. Great question. I will have to blog my answer on my blog too. I enjoy reading what other tatters are tatting. So many times I'll see what someone else is tatting and think to myself. I remember that pattern and I have always wanted to tat it. So other tatters inspire me.

    I enjoy the chatter with other tatters too. I love to talk tatting with anyone.


  7. More great work. How are your fingers? jo

  8. Hello? Hello? Having withdrawals here... Is something different? I'm thinking so...

    I figure you're working on your class. Hope it's going well!

  9. Wow - Ann,
    I totally have missed the point! You will hate me for asking you to explain the joke - but I must not be getting out much..... I don't understand! Help! : )) Fox - bewildered -

  10. Sorry Fox,
    I guess the joke is on me- I had NEVER noticed the damask on the sides of your blog. Perhaps after seeing Gina's new look, I was just looking more closely than usual. Sorry for the confusion!

  11. Hee hee, Ann! The joke is on me! I had JUST added that damask about one minute before you posted! I just could not figure out what it was in my blog you were referring to! Sherlock and Watson - we make a pair! : )