Monday, June 29, 2009

In The Pink through a New Lens

The arm is much better. Thanks you for your well wishes - they seem to have done the trick.

The camera has been replaced. The flower was a test. It passed.

I am able to forgo the elastic bandage, and this morning the elbow felt almost normal. I have decided that the problem was with the blanket and the crocheting - NOT with the shuttle and the tatting! Thank goodness!

So, friends, I have hung up the hook. For now.

The finished product after this little fiasco is lovely. Yet another top-secret thingy...... !! But, I had to let you know, I am really pleased with all that I am accomplishing. Not getting a lot of sleep though. I will look like a Victorian tatter by the time I am finished.... Lack of sleep is incredibly aging - as well as curmudgeon-inspiring.... YAWN....

Somewhere in Blog-World, I saw this kind of numbering in a photo. I have copied that idea and it works beautifully. Although I have a red shuttle, (Birch) it feels terrible - very rough, so the colour may be good, but I will never use it again. This numbering system is great and two grey shuttles is just fine!

The picture of the 'mimi came out perfectly through the new lens, but the kids will be here on Wednesday and my daughter has already had a sneak peek at the blanket from the post a few days ago. I do not want to ruin the moment.

I will post it later
for any of you who play from time to time on the dark side!



  1. Glad to hear you are learning a lot from the TAT program. The flower is lovely Your camera takes great photos!

  2. Thanks, TattingChic! I am so privileged to be taking this course..... I would not have learned as much so fast on my own in the Toronto Tatting Vacuum!

  3. Hi Fox!
    That is a lovely photograph. I am a sucker for water droplets. How do people get them to reflect an image? Do you know? I figured out split rings today! I am going to try your numbering system. I can see it getting pretty confusing even doing a simple pattern. Thanks for the tip!