Friday, May 8, 2009

Opportunity Knocks

Obsessive–compulsive disorder
The sufferer feels compelled to perform voluntarily irrational,
consuming, and distressing physical behaviors.

This statement came from a definition I was reading and it got me to thinking about the past couple of days and what I do with my spare time......


I cannot stop trying, trying trying trying. And just look at these pathetic attempts. How does Elisadusud do it? Her work is inspiring and beautiful and so so elusive. Ah, Elusive Elisa.

You might notice that the little beige things look EXACTLY like cluny leaves. At least I thought so, while preparing my breakfast. Do you begin to see what ails me? These little beige things are:

Quaker Oats!

With all this focus on the little tallies, I went to meet my hair stylist's mother, Donna, whom I have never met. This woman has been tatting for decades and had been taught by her mom, in the fifties. Her daughter facilitated this meeting, after talking with me during at the last haircut. I had asked her if she knew what tatting was, and she told me her mom was a tatter. Of course I could not let that opportunity go to waste! She facilitated a meeting for Donna and me.

So, this afternoon, having the latter part of the day free, I set out for her place with my tatting samples, including my cluny miseries.

It was wonderful. My hostess was warm and gracious and showed me her tatting and her mother's work, framed and displayed on the wall. She had a shuttle that her mom had used which was given to her by a very old lady, many years ago. It is probably over 150 years old. I used that old shuttle - a real treat.

She had two large bags filled with small magazines that someone had given her. Workbasket! I had never seen a copy of this publication, so I was fascinated as we poured over some of them.

Then, she asked me to tat for her and she was able to give me some pointers about the basic hand motions that I have been doing from very beginning. What a kick - to have some one-on-one, personal training!

I am going to try to implement that movement with the ds, as I think it will improve my speed and tension. Thanks Donna!

Here's the ironic part. When she looked at my little pieces, brought along to get some input, she was intrigued with the cluny leaves, which she had never seen . She asked me to show her how to do them! Good grief! But I struggled away and she was going to look online for more..... Yes!

Just before our coffee, Donna showed me her workroom, filled to the rafters with things craft related, and a lot of thread! She had boxes of greeting cards, decorated with tiny, colourful flowers. Amazing. She is a talented soul and generous.

Here is one of her tatted pieces that she gave me.
Thanks again, Donna!

I had a great day!

~Fox ~
~Aspiring Adept of TATROMANCY (magical meanderings with rings, chains and picots)


  1. I think it's great that "tattering crafts people" - share. Alot of years have past when 'crafts' were considered, part of a 'woman's friviolity' (etc.etc). Now, as time has past... it is considered important within a University educational course termed, "Women in Art".

  2. That sounds like a lovely visit! How neat to meet another tatter and get a bit of her tatting! Vintage Workbasket magazines usually have some interesting tatting patterns in them. Glad you had a fun day! :)

  3. Hi there, Anonymous! Thanks for the great hook-up! As for your comments about how far we've come... Brava!

    Hi, TattingChic! You're right! What a treat!

    Julia, Hi! YES! It's about time!

  4. how great to meet a fellow tatter and especially one that has a ton of experience.... I wish I had somebody to play with when making my dolls....but, so far, only know one person who even wants to try them...but, she has less experience than I do...

  5. Hi BumbleVee! Thanks for the visit. Yes, it is pretty special to meet someone with so much experience. Keep looking!