Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just What I Need. More to Read!

is what I am supposed to be happily tatting. After all, it is beautiful HDT, and a brand new pattern that I am NOT having trouble with. I am loving this pattern.
Isn't it purrty?

My tension has definitely improved, and I am pleased with my progress.
Life is good in Tat-land, so WHAT is the problem, you might wonder.


My new book arrived this morning. I had not left for work yet when there was a knock at the door. My heart soared. I KNEW that one of my pigeons had come home to roost!
The mailman wished me a good morning and held out a small box.


The book by Rosemarie Peel had arrived. It is small but powerful, for those who have little experience with beads.

Nice layout, good size and excellent crisp colour, on quality glossy paper - just like the first publication. I have that one as well and have yet to have the time to actually tat something
from its pages!

There's the rub. I love the new books, the gorgeous
HDT threads, the great shuttles out there waiting to be chosen,
but honestly, how does one find the time to do it all?
~Fox ~~~Aspiring Adept of TATROMANCY (magical meanderings with rings, chains and picots)~~~


  1. This is my favorite how-to with beads. Time to do it all??? Impossible! But I keep trying.

  2. You have to give up nonessentials like sleeping or eating. I'm thinking the beads might be worth it.

    I really like your blog. Your tatting and photography are beautiful.

  3. I love the way your Spinning Wheel is turning out! Isn't it fun to match threads with shuttles?

    I think I'm going to have to buy that book. My reading list keeps growing too!

    Time for it all? It won't happen for me, but I never get bored because there's always something fun to do!

  4. OH, what fun you will have with this book. I don't have this one, I have her first Tatting with Beads book. What patterns are in this book?

    I can't wait to see what you will make from this book.

    The thread you are using here is a lovely color.

    Have a great day!

  5. I see you've set down your WIP for a MFP. Watch out! That WIP might turn into a UFO! ;)

    Hey! That's how it happens!

    WIP = Work In Progress
    MFP = More Fun Project
    UFO - UnFinished Object