Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ball and Chain

There is a thunderstorm. The cat is hiding under the covers. I am cold. I am not doing well at the T.A.T exercise ( NOT the pic). I will never be able to tat well..... You can see what kind of a
MOOD I am in!

But, honestly, I do see a SLIGHT similarity........

This afternoon was a bit better. I had just finished buying a new television for my mom, who is moving to a senior's residence in a few weeks. This activity - with my mom - took WAY more time than I thought it would. (You'd think I was used to this by now!)
After the comparison shopping, the ruminating, and the decision making, the thing was purchased. We had lunch, and I went on my merry way - to Tim Horton's, for a bit of time to myself, to have a cup of coffee.

This is what transpired in the coffee shop.

I now carry thread and shuttles with me AT ALL TIMES - you never know..... Well. the thread I had with me was in two sizes - green, #80 and white #30. So, it made perfect sense - in the deranged state I was in - to tackle Cluny Leaves in a public place. What else? Clearly, I have lost all caring as to what I look like to the public at large!

Change the weapon of choice, and there may be a veritable Madame Defarge in the making...

~ Aspiring Adept of TATROMANCY (magical meanderings with rings, chains and picots)~


  1. Your tatting is lovely! Knock it off! ;)

    You're doing fine!!! :)

  2. Oh, I love a true addiction! I've finally stopped tatting everything I pick up after my daughter teased me in public for tatting with a stray ribbon from a package. But you know, it is this constant practice that makes you good at what you do, so keep at it. I like the way your edging turned out too.

  3. Well, you may have been in a MOOD (I was today as well), but your tatting is awesome! I'd be happy to tat like you on a bad day.

    Madame Defarge? I haven't read Tale of Two Cities. I take it she is no sweetie pie - and now that you mention it, those shuttle points are pretty wicked...

  4. TattingChic, Thanks! I needed the attention! : ))

    Gina, Glad to know there is someone as "loopy" as me out there, beyond Tat-land!

    Ann, I fear you may be dangerous with a shuttle in places not to your liking. I sense a bit of a rebel..... : ))

    Carla, Thanks! And thenks for the visit.

  5. Yep... I'm a rebel. You'll know me by my leather jacket with my gang's logo, a flaming shuttle, signifying the speed with which we tat. Below that in script letters is our name "Tangled Tatters", which we earned not because we like to fight, just because our thread gets awful messy. Maybe we should slow it down a touch.

    I should never be encouraged. :)

  6. Julia - that's funny, coming from the Queen of the Needle...... : )

    Ann, I am wheeling my old Norton out for spring. See you down the highway.... get the shuttle ready....

  7. Fox,

    it's a real plesure to visit your blog, even because you're always hilarious!