Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Illuminating Little Secrets

A lamp is a "source of illumination." That is what Oxford tells me. My lamp is a source of illumination and a whole lot more. It is my secret 'show and tell'.

No one but you has ever seen this little display that changes whenever I have the whim to exchange one motif for another - something I do with regularity.

At a glance, I see what threads I have used. The visual triggers thoughts about what I might want to repeat. It shows mistakes and sometimes surprises me with a detail I had not noticed before.

It looks different in the daytime. At night the colours really pop. I get so much satisfaction from this personal viewing device that I can dismantle in the blink of an eye, if there is a knock at the door! All of this pleases me immensely. It is a a simple pleasure.......

This will definitely be put "on the lamp," when it is finished!
Such a deceptively complicated tat this is!
I'm finally getting the feel of the pattern
and it is progressing so much
better than yesterday.
I LOVE this pattern.

However, it is taking an inordinately long time to tat - which is too bad for me, because I really want to get it done before I hit the Big Apple later in the week.

New York City is my home away from home. And yet, I have never really thought about checking it out for all things tatting..... Can you believe it? But I have not had the time before... This time I have some time, I think, where I could look around. Anyone know anything I should know? Tell me a secret???Add Image
Part of the reason for this oversight can be summarized easily by the following image. It is indeed scary to behold.

This is what I have amassed since September last year. YIKES! Another secret is out... Perhaps I should go to the museum instead............


  1. LOVE the lamp....I think I need one in tatting corner. do you pin them on or just slap em there and they stay?

  2. Now there's an enlightened idea! I guess I should break out the vacuum cleaner and suck the dust off the lamp shade so that I can try this idea out... just one lamp shade, though... I don't want to disturb too much dust.

    Nice start on your thread stash. Someone recently blogged that if you have a thread stash, you're not tatting enough! I sure wish I could remember who wrote that!

  3. Thanks LadyShuttleMaker! Thanks for the visit!

    Krystle, Oh! I just slap them on and change them all the time. If they don't change often, I am not tatting enough

    Hi Diane, It's true - and too much time online checking it all out doesn't help....
    But there is so much to look at!!

  4. OOHHH!!!! Your lampshade looks so pretty!! And you are right it is a great way to show off your tatting and it is easy to change the way your lampshade looks.

    I have a few pieces of tatting on my lampshade, not as many as you though. My lampshade doesn't have the angle that yours does, so I use a pin and clear sewing thread to hang my tatting from the top of the lampshade.

    What are you going to do with the Black Magic edging you are making?

    Happy Tatting!

  5. Hi Carol!
    Good for you! A great way to look at one's accomplishments and still be able to have a regular lamp when non-tatters come to visit!

    Black Magic is going to be a bookmark present for my mom.
    Have a great day!
    : )

  6. The lamp is absolutely gorgeous! See how far it has come since you were struggling with the Priscilla edging in blue? This is a pretty impressive portfolio for a very new tatter. Well done!

  7. Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks so much!

    Oh yes, I DO remember!

    The lamp may be a trifle gaudy - but the more tats the merrier!
    Fox : )

  8. Love the lamp, love the black magic!
    Must get in touch if you make it to Purl Soho...